For Fun

Top 10 Reasons to Date A Werewolf

10. Cuddly in bed -- both in an out of the furry state.

9. Better than a guard dog for home security.

8. Change is a good thing: during and after transformation things drastically change in size...and some get bigger.

7. Loves long walks in the moonlight.

6. Super-strength canine incisors are great when you don't have a can opener.

5. Chasing down vampires keeps him or her in better shape than boring gym workouts.

4. Even in human form the strength and agility will knock your socks off.

3. Might have doggie breath, but oh, the length of that tongue!

2. Howling at the moon together beats couples therapy.

And the number one reason...
1. Superhuman stamina goes a long, long, long way in the sack!


Kat Facts

dragonfly Kat's cat, Gondor, is named after a location in Tolkien's Middle Earth.

dragonfly Kat's dog, Rosie, is named for Rosie Cotton, a hobbit in Lord of the Rings (and a character in a novel length paranormal romance that Kat hasn't finished as of November 2009).

dragonfly Kat is a big fan of case you haven't guessed by now.

dragonfly While in school, Kat got excellent grades in French, Spanish, German and accelerated Portuguese; she is fluent in none of those languages.

dragonfly Sean Bean, Kat's nomination for most gorgeous man on the planet, looks just like Sean Conlan, the pilot in Angel Gets Her Wings. Or is it the other way around?

dragonfly Chocolate is a major food group. At least, it should be.

dragonfly Although Andy Williams is right about Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween is definitely the coolest.

dragonfly Kat's favorite flowers are violets and lilies-of-the-valley.

dragonfly The Cafe Lotti chain was named after Nathan Sutton's first love, Charlotte. (More will be revealed in the sequel to Rise of the Wolf.)

dragonfly The most productive story plotting sessions for Kat are the hours she spends at the local CarX waiting for her '97 Sentra to be repaired.